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Friday, October 6, 2023

Fall Is In The Air

 Well Hello there!

It's been a good minute since I shared anything here!  Life has been a little chaotic in the Salkeld Suite this year.  I've been able to craft a little here and there but not as much as I'd like and definitely haven't had the time to share things.

Our Ellie has had a year herself, which wound up with her being on bedrest/confined, went through physical therapy and ultimately, knee surgery, which entailed more confinement and more recuperation for her.  So that in turn increased her humans responsibilities in caring for her convalescence.  Now she is fully healed and running around like her normal wild self.  Now both cats are going through their own issues that have required multiple vet visits and meds.  The hubs and I are just trying to keep the chaos down to a minimum at this point.  So it makes crafting more challenging.

This is a card I created for my Stamp Nation penpal.  I pulled out a background made two years ago using the "leaf painting" technique and a gel plate.  I added some gold splatters to it, stamped a sentiment and then added the braided frame (Fall Frames Dies by Catherine Pooler).  Ive been trying to use up background pieces I've had sitting in my UFO box.

Thanks for stopping by!



Bonnie said...

Good to see you back on your blog with this great gel print!

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Adam said...

Your blog has become my virtual classroom, offering lessons that extend beyond the screen.

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