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Friday, September 15, 2017

Hello again!

Trying today to get caught up on team projects and other card projects.  However, I wanted to share another addition ---

Yep!  We adopted a 2nd kitten!  Yes, we're nuts!  LOL We figured our little spitfire Bella needed a mate (so she would stop attacking Riley and us). Plus, the County Animal shelter had been inundated with kittens galore and local rescues and local SPCA had adoption marathons to help get them all adopted.  We went to the SPCA as there were a couple there we were very interested in.  We came home with Rory ---

Meet Rorschach (Rory).  

It took a good two weeks for Bella to accept Rory as part of our family and about that long for Rory to accept the fact he must share a home with Riley, our dog! LOL Poor little guy had to contend with recovering from surgery, a new home, new siblings(one not even same species) all at once.

As you can see they now are good buddies and all is well. Rory even tolerates Riley and Riley tolerates both of them. Now if we can hold Bella off from prematurely going into heat before her spay appointment, it will be even better! She's not yet 5 months and she was underweight until just this week so we had to wait.  Thank goodness Rory received his surgery before coming home with us.  We definitely don't need any other little ones pitter pattering around!  hahaha
Kitty Sparring

Yes, he gets up on my craft table and stretches out like he owns it!
If anything they will help me be more diligent in keeping my craft room clean so there won't be any inky or painted paws! 

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Kitty Blessings!
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1 comment :

Bonnie said...

Rory doesn't look too sure of Riley in their threesome picture! He is a very handsome little guy. Can't wait to meet him and Bella and give Riley some love pats.

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