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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Paper Sweeties Plan Your Life Series Day
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October Release!

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October is a special month around my house.  

It's the month my hubs and I started dating waaaay back in 1986 - (Oct 20)!  It's my daughter-inlaw's birthday (Oct 8th), my brother and sisinlaw's anniversary (Oct 11) AND it just happens to be my birthday month also (Oct. 23rd).  If that wasn't enough, I share my birthday with my high school best friend, her twin and another childhood friend of ours, and the sister of another childhood friend.  I know, WOW!  

Now, some of those dates are not on my planner.  When I worked on my planner and photographed it, I was pre-occupied with the impending storm of Hurricane Matthew, mostly worrying about my mom and brother in Myrtle Beach, SC and not sure if they were going to evacuate to my house. Then, they decided to stay put and of course it hit just as hard or harder here in central NC.   So, I didn't catch that until today.  Then again, I really don't need a reminder for the anniversary date of my hubs and me dating, nor of my brother's anniversary, so it's all good!

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Jill Norwood said...

Nance - Hope everyone in your family weather the storm safely! Sweet planner pages! Hugs! Jill

Maria said...

Wow! You do have lots of special days for the month of October! Mine is September and November. Hope things are well with you and family due to Hurricane Matthew! Your planner pages are so CUTE with Sophie in her witch costume! And, love the different colored ghosts in top right corner! Take care, hugs!

Bonnie said...

Wow, that's a lot of occasions to remember in October! And that's such a fun way to keep track of things. I guess your mom & brother did fine during the hurricane?

Michele K. Henderson said...

I can't believe how neat and organized your calendar is, Nance! The little witch is super cute too!

Jeri said...

Great planner pages, Nancy! Glad you survived Hurricane Matthew! We did okay here in Florida, but it was a little worrisome! I have an October birthday, too! (Though I like to forget about it at my age). Have a great celebration month!

Debbie said...

Absolutely adorable!!

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