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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cricket Jack Salkeld
June 16, 2003-December 20, 2014

I lost my crafty buddy today. 

So, I felt I had to pay a little tribute to her here on my blog.  

She was pretty much glued to me 24/7 at home for the past 10 years.  She was suppose to be my youngest son, Ben's dog but the first night we adopted her she latched on to me and well, as they say...the rest was history!

She stayed with me in bed when I was ill, after my surgeries and knew anytime I was sad or upset.  She knew she could count on me for treats and scraps and cupcakes on her birthday.  

She laid at my feet in this little pink bed during all the long hours and late, late nights I crafted.  Many times it took her getting up, going towards the door and just staring at me as to say "Mom, it's time for bed" to get me to go to bed at times.

Even my going to the restroom alone sent her into whining fits on the other side of the door.  My family tells me when I would leave the house, she would sit and whine incessantly for me and that she knew the sound of my car so much that even before I pulled in the driveway she would get VERY vocally excited, as only Jack Russells can do, and could not be settled or consoled until I came through the door and hugged her.  

I did nothing in the house that she was not involved in if in no other way than to sit beside me and watch.  Her bed sat on the floor on my side of the bed.  However, the nights the Hubs worked (usually 3-5), she slept in my bed cuddled beside me.  She was the only other female in our household.  She pretty much became the  "princess" of the family and was truly the SOUL of our home.  She was loved like a daughter and a sister.  She was my best girl!

She is missed and will be missed beyond words.

Love you, Crickey!

Cricket Blessings!
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Jessi Fogan said...

Oh Nance, I can't imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to your baby girl. What a beautiful tribute to a truly precious little soul - I've got tears in my eyes. Sending you so much love & lots of hugs, and I will definitely be giving my Abby girl more snuggles today in Cricket's honour.

Indy said...

Nance, My heart goes out to you! Losing a precious fur baby is do difficult, but your tribute shows the many wonderful memories that you will always treasure!

Becca Cruger said...

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious friend. My thoughts go out to you. This is a beautifully written tribute.

wienerhoneymooners said...

So sorry for your loss. So glad though that you had such a devoted friend for so long. Yes treasure the memories!

Donna K said...

I stopped by to thank you for your recent visit to my blog and came upon this post. I'm terribly sorry for the loss of your precious Cricket. Not something any of us look forward to but the loss can be extremely difficult at holiday time. I'm sure her memory will give you lots of smiles in the days to come.

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