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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I was away from crafting yesterday, but for a very good cause!  The Hubs and I volunteered at the Rock For Hope Concert in Raleigh, NC, featuring N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease), a rock band of 6 Gyn oncologists who perform concerts throughout the country to raise awareness and money for Gyn cancers.  You can visit their website:  They even have CDs and Tshirts! If they come to your city/state you should check it out!   In one way or another, unfortunately, cancer touches us all at some point in our lives, either ourselves or a loved one.  These docs are committed to caring for women with Gyn type cancers, some of the hardest to detect and deadliest cancers. 
Here I am with Dr. John Soper, one of the band members and my former surgeon.   When I went to him it was 90-95% certain my problem was not cancer but, they still wanted to rule it out and due to my PKD issues, my Gyn wanted me to have an expert surgeon.  Dr. Soper at UNC Hospital was the man!  He was and is a very dedicate, very compassionate, caring man and doctor.  Due to my issues, he always joked with me that I needed to be a little more boring.  Well, while he helped rid me of my Gyn issues, unfortunately, I'm still not so boring!  LOL  Just ask my family and friends!
Yet, during my year long patient relationship with Dr. Soper, I encountered many of his other patients, mostly in the waiting room, who were already battling or on the cusp of battling a Gyn cancer.  It truly affected me because I could have been one of them.  Other women in my life still could.  And, I also couldn't help but remember someone dear to my family and me who lost her battle with uterine cancer 34 years ago.  She was only 19 at the time.  I was 17.   I wished both the information we have today and these doctors had been around then and able to help her.  I also lost an aunt a year ago to bone cancer via breast cancer.  I don't want to lose any more women in my life to cancer, any cancer.

That is why Dave (The Hubs) and I helped out today and why you see those banners on my blog for N.E.D.   It's also for all the women in my life, including my fellow blogging, crafting friends! Every woman, teen to elderly, needs to know of the types of Gyn cancers and the symptoms, which are very similar to other conditions and diseases, which makes it harder to detect.                                                                                               
  So, I try to do my part by being a fan of N.E.D. and giving them shout outs and giving to cancer research through them. 


Blessings and Rock On!

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Jessi Fogan said...

ROCK ON to you, Nance. You're awesome :D

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