A Walk For PKD

Yesterday, the Hubs and I walked for PKD (polycystic kidney disease) foundation in the Raleigh Chapter walk.  It was a gorgeous fall day, perfect for a walk around one of the local parks.  The chapter raised around $7,000.00.   We were very happy to take part in this walk as it has a very personal connection to our family.

I was diagnosed 16 years ago with PKD and fortunately have never had and probably never will have any major issues or complications (dialysis and/or kidney transplant) with it.  However most people afflicted with PKD do at some point have to undergo dialysis and kidney transplant.   There are two kinds of PKD, a recessive form that shows up at birth/childhood and a dominant form that does not show up until sometime in adulthood and is usually hereditary.  If a parent has PKD, a child is 50% likely to acquire the disease in adulthood themselves.  Unfortunately at this time there is no cure for PKD.  This is one disease that makes organ donation greatly needed.

I have the adult form, which means my two young adult sons have a 50% chance of acquiring the disease sometime in the next 20 years.   They will have to undergo ultrasounds and/or MRI throughout their adult lives to hopefully catch the disease before it begins to cause problems.  And, hopefully, if they do get PKD, they will be as lucky as I, their mother, has been and will not have any complications requiring treatment.   I pray everyday they will be spared not only acquiring the disease but also spared passing on the gene to their children.
Ways to be involved is to learn about the disease, give generously to the PKD Foundation to fund more research and a cure, and maybe most importantly, become an organ donor. 

If you would like more information on this disease or the foundation you can visit the PKD site here.

Sunday blessings!

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onecraftymama said...

Blessings to you, honey! Raising awareness is a huge challenge with any disorder - and so glad that you are one of the lucky ones :)