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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Masculine Flashback Friday

Happy Sunday!

And it is the first Sunday in June too!  Summertime is here!  Of course, I could do without the humidity, but a given here in the south, and definitely could do without the mosquitoes, but yet another given in the south.  I'm thinking maybe the Hubs and I need to find that summer home in New England really soon!  Oh, but how I dream.  Anyhoo, there are a great deal of benefits of summer ---fresh vegees (this year from my own garden), lightning bugs, and my absolute favorite, the beach!  Hopefully we will get over to the coast even if just for a day or two or down to Myrtle and crash with my younger brother and his pups.

With that said, this post is for the current challenge at Flashback Friday, #24.  The challenge is to repost your first masculine card.  My card was done back in November 2009 and as you see, is fitting for my love of the beach with the lighthouse and sea stamped image.  You can see my original post here.  Not as bad as some of my older cards.

Flashback Friday Challenge #24

More posts to come today.  Finally getting some things done.  Have some big things happening in my tiny little crafting world.  Check back for big news to come!


~amy~ said...

Hi Nance:) A wonderful masculine card!!! Oh how I love the beach too! Perfect card! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Flashback Friday!

Leanne said...

Great card! Thanks for playing with us at Flashback Friday. And have a fabulous time at the beach.

Jessi Fogan said...

OOh, teasing with big news! I can't wait :)
We've got humidity too (usually above 90 in the summer...gross, bad for paper!) and mosquitoes....because some genius decided to settle this town on a marsh. Ugh. So both conditions are anomalies for Nova Scotia. Blech! That's why I love the beach, too - nearly always a breeze to get rid of the other two things!
Lighthouses are perfect masculine "things" - I still have to flash back & find mine!

~amy~ said...

Thanks for your Flashback Friday support! Love your FAB card! I've featured it on the Flashback Friday blog:


Tara Cardwell said...

Your little lighthouse scene is super!
Thanks for joining my masculine flashback :-)
Tara (aka Craftilicious)