Summer Re-Do

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Here's a little sneak peek of my own ---

Part of our "staycation" involved a little painting and redecorating of my craft room.  Hubs ordered me a wall cabinet and an extra floor cabinet for much needed extra storage space!  The wall color is Aloha from Home Depot. It's a tad darker in person but still really bright and refreshing! I kept my pink rug and pink ceiling fan too!  

Lots still to do.  It's far from finished yet, but it's just soooo much more refreshing and roomier and already a creativity boost!  Watch for more posts to come in the near future as the room comes together!  Just don't ask about the state of the rest of the house!  I'll give you one hint ---- we haven't been able to sleep in our bed or the guest bed for two nights so far!  ;)  Good thing my son's room still has a bed. I did discover through this that I could never live like a hoarder (except for my paper hoarding, of course)!  LOL

Crafty Blessings!
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