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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just thought I would share some photos of my Ben on his 18th birthday last Friday, April 13th.  His grandparents (Dave's dad and stepmom) drove up from South Carolina for the weekend to celebrate with all of us.  Friday afternoon, Dave, his dad and stepmom and myself  met Ben and his girlfriend, Chelsea, for a wonderful afternoon on the campus of UNC--University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  Benjamin Taylor Salkeld
(My not so little baby!)

Pics of Baby Ben

Ben and Chelsea led his grandparents on a tour of the campus, with Dave and me in tow.   As they gave the grandparents information on each and every building, I busied myself snapping photos.   Ben was gracious enough to allow me to photograph his momentous day.  Plus, normally at all the other occasions we have spent on campus, it has been far too hectic and scheduled to take photos.  It was a gorgeous Carolina day with everything in full bloom!
Chelsea & Ben

And of course, you can't go to Chapel Hill without having a photo op at the infamous Old Well.  Thank you Ben for humoring your mother!

                     Ben, his Papa Ian and Gramma Lesley
Ben, Me & Dave

Afterwards we had dinner at another Chapel Hill favorite --- The Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery.  If you are ever in Chapel Hill, it is a must for your culinary pleasure!

We finished the evening at home in Cary with Ben and Chelsea joining us for Ben's traditional cookie cake by the Great American Cookie Company and gifts and a friendly game of Wii frisbee golf.

 It is still hard to believe that my baby is no longer a baby and officially an adult.  Time has truly flown but we are very proud of him, about to finish his first year at UNC and of his older brother, Patrick who is finishing his 2nd year at UCO (University of Central Oklahoma).  Therefore, as one door of our lives closes, we begin a new one with new adventures with our family.

Happy Sunday!

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onecraftymama said...

What a lovely post, Nance - what a cutie your baby is ;) And how nice that everyone came together to celebrate with him!

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