New Craft Studio!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

  My new craft studio! 

Finally, its done!  
Back Story:  I had major surgery back on December 15 (still getting my energy back) and towards the end of my doctor imposed six week recovery, the Hubs suggested we turn our 5th bedroom into a craft studio for me.  I had actually been perusing over this idea for months.  However, since our youngest son was just beginning his 2nd semester of college, I felt it a tad early to do so.  Particularly since for the last 6-7 years it has been our sons' "xbox lounge", painted black and lime green just for it, even the ceiling.  Frankly, for the past four years it hasn't even had an xbox in it .  Instead, our youngest kept his drum set there along with a weight bench, weight machine and boxing bag.

Yet, it didn't take much for the Hubs to convince me to go ahead and redecorate!  I think in the beginning he truly regretted mentioning it!  LOL  Now, he is very happy and pleased with all of his hard work.
 I am sooooo indebted to him for helping me create this wonderful craft studio for me!  Since I am still on a restriction of what I can lift and do, he did all the wall priming and painting. carpet installation, built closet shelves, hung peg board and lights, and even made me a stamp shelf!

So, get a cup of tea or beverage of your choosing, come in and take a look!...


First, I decided to take off the closet doors for easier access to supplies in the closet.  This is a shower curtain from Anna's Linens.  It wasn't my first choice, but I was trying to keep cost down, and it was $15 cheaper than my first choice.  I added a little homemade bling by sticking pink gems in the flower centers.  I'd show you the shelves,but it is truly a mess behind there!  Once I have had some time to craft and get used to my room, I will venture into organizing the closet better.

 My pink fan light, used to be all white and in our kitchen.  Over the door, I hung my name plate from my teenage years of painting lessons and art shows.  My art teacher founded the Rhodendron Art Festival in Charleston, WV and allowed her students to display their art for free.  I took lessons with my cousins and my best friend.  My uncle made us all display pegwalls with name plates.  

Next, the stamp/paper corner.  Along the black wall are my craft cube organizers for my inks,various embellishments, stickers and smaller stamps. I found the bright pink baskets at Lowe's.  The black basket I spray painted black and along with the pink ones, they house my cling and clear stamp sets.  The white plastic shelf houses most of my paper --- cardstock, DP paper stacks.  
 I borrowed an idea I found on Pinterest to store my paper in magazine holders.  I bought cardboard ones at Office Depot and covered them with three different colors of wrapping paper (above).  Above the paper shelf, I repainted, for about the tenth time, a wooden shelf for some whimsy knick knacks.  The clock was purchased on our honeymooon and I repainted the roof to match my pink theme.
Above the stamp shelf, are inspirational words to feed my creativity -- Live, Love, Laugh, Believe, Dream, Create, and Imagine.  Beside the shelf is a collage of my some of my favorite photos I have taken, which I enhanced to look like paintings.
One of my all time favorite items in my room is this fabulous wooden stamp shelf (above) the Hubs made for me.  We got thin white boards and white trim molding from Home Depot to make the shelf,  First, I laid out all of my wooden stamps to get the dimensions correct of what I would need, determining the number of shelves and height of each shelf.  As you see, I have room to grow!
Centered between the two identical plastic shelving units I placed a refurbished bench seat. All of my fabric is stored in the bench, close at hand. This seat is at least 45 years old, made by my same uncle Charlie who made the name board.  This was my toy box as a child.  He made my older brother an identical one also.  They were plain pine panel board with a red formica plastic cover on the lid. 
 I now have both chests in my possession.  One I refurbished and is in our family room.  This one, I finally redid for my studio.  I spray painted the pine board with white paint.  Once I had chosen my room colors, I found the material for my chest at Jo Ann Fabrics.  It turned out to be perfect.
I also made other seat cushions, one for my work chair and one for the wicker chair in the far corner of the room.  As you see, my Jack Russell, Cricket, has claimed the wicker chair as her spot in my studio, even though she has her own "pillow pal" (below).

Opposite the stamp wall is my tool center --- for my die cuts, Big Shot, scissors, brushes, punches, emboss folders, etc.  The peg board is such a big help.  I don't have to hunt in tons of bins for all of my tools.  They are right at hand.  I placed an old table for an extra work center below the pegboard and covered it with a pink plastic gingham tablecloth to protect the tabletop.  Now I have a place to die cut and sew and I don't have to rearrange work areas. 
More of my photos line the top of the pegboard for added inspiration as I craft.

The flower fan is a keepsake from my older brother's wedding, the bouquet I used as a bridesmaid. 
My inspirational quiet corner where I can sit and read Paper Crafts, Stampers Sampler.  It is also filled with things I love, including photos of my boys I took when they were younger and a bulletin board covered with the same material as the bench and cushions.  Of course, as I mentioned earlier, Cricket, my Jack, has pretty much claimed the wicker chair as her own and so I must shoo her away when I want to sit.

 My boys' photos:  Ben, now 17 and a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill, is on the left (vertical photo).  Patrick, now 20 and a sophomore at University of Central Oklahoma is on the right (vertical photo).
Beside the wicker chair is a smaller bookshelf for all my brads, embellishments, and markers.

 Turning full circle, a look towards the front door.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me in my studio!  I look forward to lots and lots of hours of creating in this new space along with my "assistants", Cricket (Jack) and Riley (border collie).  Of course, now the Hubs knows where to find me!

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